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家具、建具、映像/ インスタレーション


This work is “1-8-19,Yanagimachi,Okayama-City” that was made for graduation exhibition of Tokyo University of Arts in 2018. I graduated the university as the top of the class by this work. Also The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts bought and possess this work. < Statement : This work consists of rial furnitures, acrylic board, lights, video projection, and 8ch stereophonic sound. Its theme is my the late grandma who was lived in Okayama and memory related to her. This work has a lot of layers between virtual and real images by real things/real video images/CG/reflected glares. You can experience as if you immersion of flickering remembrance its self.

Directed by: Tomomi Oka
Sound : Yuki Kobayashi
Architect planning: Ryo Araki

展示 東京藝術大学29年度卒業修了制作展 受賞 

東京藝術大学美術館買上賞 受賞


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