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古時計、映像/ インスタレーション


In Jomon Era Japan, it was believed that the other world was the upside-down version of this world. If it was evening here, it was morning there; if it was night here, it was day there. If we wear our kimono on the right front, they wear it on the left. This way of thinking is called "sakasagoto," and is still practiced in many parts of Japan, as the custom of reversing various daily actions in case of death. In this room, the face of a real clock is reversed and spinning backwards, just like the "sakasagoto". When the old clocks are reversed, the interior images are played back as if to remind us of the funeral customs that are about to be forgotten. The old clocks, which is itself on the verge of being forgotten, stands there like the grave site of a forgotten custom, blurring the boundary between the other world and this world. At the time of her grandfather's death, Oka placed a blue hydrangea in his coffin, and when the cremated remains were beautifully stained a pale blue, he came to believe that the placing of the blue hydrangea was her own ritual of sending his grandfather off. If you look into the funeral customs that once existed in Japan, you will find that each of them has its own thoughts and feelings that small communities and people put into it, such as to make sure that the dead do not get lost on the way to the other world, or to be a substitute for the soul. Originally, many people's attitude toward death and the afterlife must have originated from such small wishes and consideration for the dead. By reexamining the funeral customs that remain in various parts of Japan and are now disappearing, and the way of looking at the afterlife, I would like to reconsider the form of funeral services that are becoming a skeleton and the way of facing death.

produced by : Tomomi Oka /Sound design : Yuki kobayashi / Construction cooperation : Junichiro Endo / Sponsorship : KUMA Foundation

展示 東京藝術大学第70回卒業修了作品展

shiseido art egg 2022入選
( 個展「サカサゴト」 @ SHISEIDO GARELLY)

​三菱地所賞 受賞
(受賞者展 @丸の内ビルディング)
清流の国ぎふArt Award IN THE CUBE 2023 入選

第学生CGコンテスト2023 優秀賞GOLD 



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